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We are providing following courses training:

Basic Handwriting

This course takes approx. 1-2 months which includes basic Marathi and English Handwriting with the use of Cut Nibs and other tools, also we teach how to write using BORU which was used in late 1800 approx.

Graphic Design

This course takes approx. 1-2 months which includes details about Corel Draw, Photoshop and Illustrator. Learners are trained to develop intellectual sensibility and skill, nurtured through training.


This course include all preparation for Elementary and Intermediate Drawing exams for students. Also include sketching, basic shapes, colors, shading, nature and steel drawing for all. This course takes

Digital Calligraphy course

This course takes approx. 2-3 months, which includes basic Marathi and English handwriting with the use of Cut Nibs and other tools (like Steel brush), how to write using BORU, different styles of handwriting using different tools, Digital calligraphy.

New Courses

Nothing is permanent in life. Every day gives new experiences. So we will be with new courses in coming days.

Who we are

Our ‘K’ Calligraphy institute is located in Chinchwad, Maharashtra and we are working in Handwriting, Calligraphy and Drawing. Along with the regular courses we also arrange different type of workshops, training sessions and demos related to art.

Handwriting is the most important task for children’s. Beautiful handwriting gives concentration, boosts confidence and memory, which is very essential to them. It is a part of education. We ‘K’ calligraphy provide them personal attention, guidance and help them to grow.

Alphabets are individuals; They have a voice of their own. Our moto is to design courses for the youth, basically to support their interest areas related to art. They can learn basics of calligraphy and other types of designing like calligraphy on mug, digital calligraphy on T-shirts, garments, greetings, invitation cards, movie titles, wall painting etc. which is beneficial for their future career growth.

Calligraphy is an imprint of the self on the page… Dr. Rosemarry Sasoon.

For learners age is never a factor. Seniors can have their ‘Me time’ with us to learn calligraphy as hobby and enjoy their life. It’s almost therapeutic to leisurely make way through Calligraphy.

We ‘K’ calligraphy provide training to all age group people.

What Our Learner Say

It allows us to build and maintain communication with others.
Effective feedback has benefits for the giver, the receiver, and the wider organization.

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