Calligraphy Printing-The New Art

Calligraphy printing is raging trend where you can customize your –shirts, mugs, back-packs etc. Calligraphy printing on your personal belongings gives them a certain edge and exclusivity. The unique printing makes everything fashionable and chic. This form of art is vintage and unique.

Calligraphy art can be used on wide range of objects, be it your t-shirt or wedding invitations. At our “K Calligraphy” studio we craft each ‘artifact’ with precision.  All the items are customized and hand-crafted by every individual’s choice by our expert artist’s.  Calligraphy prints are great for:

  • Writing an inspirational quote on your T-shirts
  • Wall decor at office and home
  • Mugs, Glassware
  • Backpacks
  • Umbrellas
  • Laptops and all sorts of gadgets
  • Menus at restaurants
  • And a million different things for big events like a wedding, baby shower or birthdays.

Calligraphy lets you be more organic and creative. Calligraphic prints are an interpretation of your own inspired imagination. Calligraphy is an expression of inner-most thoughts. Calligraphy printing is way of expressing yourself in more imaginative and artistic way.

At “K Calligraphy” studio we not only teach you various forms of calligraphy but also offer customized artifacts. The idea of printing calligraphy is resourceful and innovative.

Let’s embark on this exciting journey of fun, where words play an integral role and express ourselves in more creative way.  “K Calligraphy” studio provides with all necessary training as well as services to get you started on this one of its kind journey.